Monday, August 15, 2016

Through The Lens-Film Project-Coming Soon

Upcoming Film Project "Through The Lens" (Title Subject To Change)
Alexandria Topaz*Seth

This is a Small Upcoming Project I just finished Capturing.. Will be Editing and Releasing Soon.
For a Small project it took me a bit of time. I originally had this filmed planned With Curtis Trevellion (pharcyde1976), Although we couldn't get our schedules straight so I had to move on to someone else. But i'll surely be using him time permitted :P. The second Model to use was  Luke but Then I get a call from Director, Isa Cheviot about a collaboration project and Everything changed again. I'll be using Luke for the Collaboration piece i'm doing with Isa This coming fall. I had to change my story around once again and was still out a Model. Then my good friend Seth came to me with some thoughts and within 2 days my focus was back. I've captured all my scenes and I'm looking forward to editing within the next week or 2 (don't quote me on that). The next project thereafter will be a Series I created with a writer. Stay tuned for Castings. I'll be following up weekly with some more stills although they won't give you the small plot behind the story. You'll just have to see when it's released.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Up Close and Personal: Rachel Avros

This Professional Starlet should be known by everyone as she is the epitome of a workaholic who has made her presence well known. With tons of flicker photos, in over 30 Adult films, Co-Owner of Attention Magazine, and last but not least Friend, I decided to share Rachel Avros for an up close and Personal. During the day of her interview Rachel and I were doing some intimate shots which I'll be sharing with the public soon. Rachel enjoys meeting new people and likes the process of filming. Rachel gets enjoyment in seeing a character being brought  to life. Additionally, she has made some of her best friends within the industry. It's no surprise that Rachel enjoys taking on various roles and enjoys being in front of the camera. Her somewhat good girl appearance was diminished as the Queen to my latest film Alexa In Wonderland.(lol). 

I asked Rachel who are some actors/models she looks forward to working with. The first three names that came across her mind were Larry Vinaver, Brea and Miss Emily.   Rachel is looking to work on an ongoing series. A sensual hot ongoing story with a good Character viewers can get to know. Rachels limitations are far and few. Although the additional kids, scat or mutilation are out of the question. I think that falls true for most of us. However Rachel does keep her options open when taking on a part..

As if this Vixen hasn't kept herself busy enough, Rachel is now Co-Owners to Attention Magazine. One I personally find to be interesting. Now that Attention Magazine has put out several issues, I asked Rachel how the whole process was, from her first to her most current issue. Rachel says her experience in launching the magazine has been amazing. It has been both un and great to work with her co-owners Athena  and Jon Demen as well as the rest of her staff. Rachel has found this process to open up her creativity side leading her to try new things. One creative process she hasn't touched upon yet is Filming. Considering she's gotten plenty of experience from the Directors she's worked with.. I wouldn't be surprised to see her put out some great projects. One thing for sure when working with Rachel is that she's going to give it her all no matter what she's working on.

Listed Below is Rachels Flicker Page.

Below are some of the many  films Rachel has been a part of.. 

Alexa In Wonderland

The Rocky Porno movie Show

Charlies Hookers

Trick Shot

Maid in The City

Corruption is Bliss
the Maid

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


^^Տաαlloա^^ ©

New ^^Տաαlloա^^ Mainstore Location: Cobra (82,66,2501) 

If I were a Rich Girl, Which I kind of Am, I'd surely be the Face of Swallow. They carry the most beautiful miniature pieces of Jewelry along with skins to update ya to a current sophisticated Look. Below i'm sporting their new shiny ears which didn't take much to fit and match in skin tone. It's a MUST. Me thinks I want them as a Sponsor. 
check their video here:

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Surfer Girls Get Pounded

I haven't done a Collaboration In Quite Some Time. I surely don't let the opportunity pass me when Directors approach me . Jay D. and Morph Wyx of Wild Erotica Video Productions has been doing adult videos for years. What captures my attention about these two Directors is the color contrasting used in their films. They both have a great eye for capturing avi's that make any man/womans mind melt. Secondly short or long productions, Wild Erotica Video Productions  always has some theme up their sleeves that works excellent in building their fanbase  I was on set before this production picking up some nice techniques I myself have never thought of from Jay. D... can't mention them I'm sworn to secrecy lol 

With SL'S notorious glitches acting up this week I'm surprised this even got made but these Directors knew it was now or never as i'm about to get busy with some productions. I believe they pulled it off quite well. I'm surely to invite both Directors onto my set for future productions.

Surfer Girls Get  Pounded

Watch Now

Surfs up and the tides about to blow over in this production brought to you by Directors Jay D. and Doƿεⓜɑɴ (morph.wyx) of Wild Erotica Video Productions Starring Alexandria Topaz and Jay D. Alexandria catches more than just waves as she’s out surfing one morning and encounters Jay D. close by. No words exchanged in this flick as there was more than just riding the waves on their mind.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pretty Woman 2016

Always enjoyed the Pretty Woman Movie.. How a whore is just whisked away by a wealthy man. Noticing how attentive he was to her even though she was getting paid some.. smiles.. Lavishing her up to the fullest.. Well yeah thought I just put my own spin on it and Create a More modern look for her..

Monday, July 4, 2016

Upclose & Personal: Larry Vinaver

This Jack of Most Trades Really needs no introduction. Voted Attentions Beauty Of The Month, The Billionaires Club Mr. June 2016, SL Model, SL Adult Actor, Fashion Afficionado and charming personality, with close to 40 Porn Productions under his belt just shows why everyone Loves Larry. 

What better approach is their to take on speaking about Larry Vinaver than from the mouth of Someone who's watched his Porn Career Skyrocket since the day of inception. :)  I remember meeting Larry several years back at one of Yanas Porn Party. I was immediately taken by the stache. Like yes it looks hot who wouldn't want to ride it (smiles). Seriously, the thing that most Made Larry Stand out was that his overall appearance was Unique. No twins or doppleganger around. I immediately thought I'd use Larry in one of my own productions. But like everyone else that comes along, I figured Let this man get his feet wet, and see if he indeed was interested in being The SL Adult Actor he has become today. He surely has gone above and beyond to become One of SL's Leading Men In The Porn Industry.

I Also find Larry to be one of the BEST dressed males. Larry surely leads by example and their are plenty other men that should follow SUIT (No Shade Intended) but There's more to a male avatar then just his naked appearance. Larry expresses his creativity for dressing with the most impeccable mens suits and styles by the top male designers out there. He's always matched/mixed up in the best shirts, slacks, suits and shoes. Always On Point!!. He's created his own sense of style.I myself have stated to other Adult Male Actors to have a look at Larry's style and work to create your own from it, without copying.

I was lost in Larrys' Charming Personality the first time we met. Id make sure i'd grab  him on the dance floor just to converse with him. Charismatic, Witty, Funny and complimentary. At that time Larry Was an Acquaintance to me. We were both on our own ventures within the industry, expressing ourselves as we wanted. We were both busy in between but always cordial when running into one another. 

Kudos to you Larry Vinaver.. You Deserve Everything that's come your way. Now to get you into one of my productions? Smiles...




Listed Below are some of the Film Productions Larry has taken part in:

Dear Santa Claus
Erin Cedarbridge club E productions.

I can Fuck you Better
Miss Emily Studio

 The Stepford Sluts: The Motion Picture
Erin Cedarbridge club E productions

 Izzy's Bad Day - Part 3: The Final Chapter. Dogstar Productions.
 Isa Cheviot.

 Maximum Sex-u-rity Part 2
Dillon Lecker

Larry Vinaver Flicker Page: