Sunday, August 27, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Coming Soon- Innocent Until Proven Filthy

Yeah Yeah been busy with work and way past due on 2 projects, So I decided to get one knocked out of the way. Don't forget me just yet as the next is a delicious series i've put together with some great actors.

Innocent Until Proven Filthy
By Alexandria Topaz

After all the hard work she's put in with her boyfriend, Alexa manages to take Nakuru (Boyfriend) motorcycle for a spin. The need for speed sets in as she recklessly rides about town and finds herself being chased by officers of the law (Scotty Rodgers, Johnny Whadd). While Alexa manages to get away from one officer, she's not so lucky with his captain, or is she?

*Release Date: [No Later Than Tuesday, August 15, 2017]

Nakuru Bergamasco

Alexandria Topaz

Scotty Rodgers


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Additional Actors-Directors

I always keep myself open to collaborating or working on another Directors project. So I was most pleased that Dillon Lecker, Rachel Rexen and Anyka Aiseiri took time from their schedule to assist me with mine. Equally so with the additional models below. No part is ever too small for any extras and i'll hopefully bring  some of them back. The list doesn't end there. Included are Katina Cazalet, Feanor Decuir, Nicasio Ansar, Moxxie Malone, Hannah Bea, and Jake.

Stay Tuned!!